Saturday, March 30, 2013

Anna Karenina: Q&A With Matthew Macfadyen (Oblonsky) and Alicia Vikander (Kitty) Written by thespotlightreport

Thanks to Universal Sony, we got access to a very interesting Q&A with 2 of the stars of Anna Karenina, Matthew Macfadyen and Alicia Vikander.

Q. Matthew, what kind of man is Oblonsky in the movie?

A. Oblonsky is a lover of pleasures of the flesh. He likes women and food and drink. He is a social animal and is not introspective and is not burdened with a sense of guilt about his actions. But he is not a callous man. He loves his friends and he loves the love of his friends, and he fails a bit in his own marriage.

Q.But he tries to bring happiness to others…

A. Absolutely, yes. And that is quite touching. He is a perceptive man about people and their behaviour but can’t always shine that perception on his own relationships.

Q. Alicia, how is Kitty’s heart broken in Anna Karenina and how is that, ultimately, a positive thing?

A. At the start of the movie Kitty is very young and is introduced to society and she probably thinks that Count Vronsky is the Prince Charming who will come to steal her heart. But suddenly her own idea of life and love is torn down after Vronsky falls for Anna. And through that she starts to see life and herself another way and she becomes a woman and is able to look back and see that the person she really loved was with her the whole time [Levin, played by Domhnall Gleeson].


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