Thursday, July 3, 2014

Richard Armitage: Crucible is 'a full-body experience'

By Tim Masters
Arts and entertainment correspondent, BBC News
July 3, 2014

Richard Armitage

After 12 years away from the stage, making his name in Spooks and The Hobbit, Richard Armitage is back in a "visceral" new production of Arthur Miller's The Crucible at the Old Vic.

Three days before starting rehearsals, Armitage drove from his home in New York to Danvers, Massachusetts,

Originally known as Salem Village, Danvers is most associated with the famous witch trials of 1692 - the inspiration for Miller's classic play that draws parallels with McCarthy's anti-communist investigations in postwar America.

Armitage, in his dressing room before a preview performance at the Old Vic, explains that the trip was useful preparation for his role as the Puritan tragic hero John Proctor.

"I got this sense that they were real people who had experienced this terrible contagion. These were a tough frontier people who had very little concept of what was beyond their small realm. Because of their staunch religious nature they truly believed it was the Devil that would come for them."

Armitage first encountered Proctor when he played a scene from The Crucible at drama school some 20 years ago.

"I had no idea it was a three-hour 'opera'... it resonates now and it will resonate in 10 years."

The Crucible, directed by Yael Farber, is the latest play to be presented in the round at the Old Vic.


New series of detective drama Sherlock and one-off 2015 special announced

July 2, 2014

It has been announced that Sherlock will return to screens for a television special, followed by a series of three new episodes.

The last series saw Sherlock’s life change a lot - he returned from the dead, his best friend John Watson married Mary Morstan and he met his match in Charles Augustus Magnussen. After the briefest of exiles, Sherlock came back only to face one of his biggest mysteries yet. Why is Moriarty’s face being broadcast on every television in the land?

Speaking about the return of the series, co-creator, writer and executive producer Steven Moffat says: "A special, plus a new series of three episodes - it's a record-breaking run!

"Of course, it's far too early to say what's coming, but we're reasonably confident that the very next thing to happen to Sherlock and John, is the very last thing you'd expect..."

Co-creator, writer and executive producer Mark Gatiss, added: "Series four! At last! It's always special to return to Sherlock but this time it's even more special as we're doing...a special! Not only that, we'll then be shooting three more episodes which will take Sherlock and John Watson into deeper and darker water than ever before. The whole Sherlock team are terrifically excited to return for four new adventures. The game is on - again!"


Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Sean Bean: The Wachowskis' New Flick, Jupiter Ascending, Gets A Massively Bonkers New Trailer

By Sarah Gibson on July 1st, 2014 at 7:08am

Despite the film being bumped to 2015 at the eleventh hour, Warner Bros. is still pushing the Wachowskis' new slick piece of sci-fi, Jupiter Ascending. Check out the latest trailer for the Channing Tatum, Mila Kunis and Sean Bean-starring

movie, and just see if all the space princesses, space elves, space ships, space real estate issues, and some kind of space monster don't make you a little queezy:

Downton Abbey's ladies in Harper's Bazaar fashion shoot - pictures

By Katy Finbow
Tuesday, Jul 1 2014, 7:01pm EDT

The women of Downton Abbey star in an exclusive fashion shoot for Harper's Bazaar UK

Nine of the Downton Abbey actresses took part in the 10-page shoot done by fashion photographer Alexi Lubomirski, which sees them wearing elegant floor-length gowns and jewelry.

The portfolio of pictures is also included in the August issue of the magazine, with an accompanying interview about the strength of women, being part of Downton Abbey and why the women are so strong in the television series.

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BBC teases Sherlock return at 2.21pm today

By Catherine Gee9:25AM BST 02 Jul 2014

Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman in Sherlock

At 2.21pm the BBC has promised to reveal something about its hit detective series Sherlock and fans have been sent into an excited spin as a result.

Two tweets were posted an hour apart – the first contained a gif of the taxi screen featured in the last episode and the face of Sherlock’s (Benedict Cumberbatch) arch-nemesis Moriarty (Andrew Scott) with the words "Did you miss me?" #221back. #Sherlock. As fans will know, 221B is the number of Sherlock Holmes's flat on Baker Street.

The second alluded to a new arrival and declared that details would come at 2.21pm. BBC One has even changed its Twitter handle to “Sherlock - #221back”.

So, what does all this mean? Martin Freeman recently told the Telegraph that he expected Sherlock to return for a Christmas special in 2015. However, he also added that nothing had been confirmed.