Friday, October 31, 2014

TV star Martin Clunes films new drama at Cogges Manor Farm

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Friday 31 October 2014 in News

Martin Clunes and Charles Edwards filming in Witney
Martin Clunes and Charles Edwards filming in Witney

TV star Martin Clunes has been filming scenes for his new drama at a Witney museum.

The Doc Martin actor was at Cogges Manor Farm for nine days between Monday, October 20, until yesterday to film ITV show Arthur & George.

TV star Martin Clunes has been filming scenes for his new drama at a Witney museum.

The Doc Martin actor was at Cogges Manor Farm for nine days between Monday, October 20, until yesterday to film ITV show Arthur & George.

Mr Shone said the cast and crew had moved around for filming in London and Staffordshire but had been glad to have a base where they could stay for longer.

He added: “The whole cast and crew have been really lovely to work with and very considerate.

“Martin Clunes and the other actors were lovely — very chatty and friendly. He’s a real animal lover so he’s been stroking all the animals in the farm.”

The drama is an adaptation of a novel by Julian Barnes.


Thursday, October 30, 2014

‘Sons of Anarchy’ season 7: Charlie Hunnam, Jimmy Smits, more heading to ‘Conan’

October 30, 2014

While the series finale for “Sons of Anarchy” is getting close to wrapping up as we speak, there are already some plans being set for some promotional appearances after the fact.

With that, we bring to you some of the following news when it comes to Conan O’Brien’s late-night show. On November 11, Charlie Hunnam, Jimmy Smits, Tommy Flanagan, Mark Boone Junior, and Drea de Matteo are all going to appear alongside creator Kurt Sutter. This is the largest group that has ever come together for the show to do a late-night appearance to date.

Could this be a little too massive or confusing? We doubt it. Conan’s a skilled (and funny) moderator, and has already done something like this with “The Walking Dead.”

The timing here is also interesting for a simple reason here, mostly that in theory, “Sons of Anarchy” could still be on air when “Conan” starts. Luckily, we imagine that the TBS show will ensure that the cast appearance is not on the air until after the tenth episode of season 7 finishes up. Sutter and the editors have a habit of making some of their episodes run extremely long, with them going for a full 90 minutes often during this final season.


Downton Abbey series 5: Will the Grantham's dog last, even if she's called Isis? (spoiler alert kind of )

Sunday 26 October 2014

The question of how to deal with an embarrassing Labrador has hounded English families for decades.

But even by the wacky standards of Downton Abbey, killing it off seems a little extreme. Tonight’s episode of ITV’s period soap opera appears to tackle a problem that has been getting harder to ignore. Lord Grantham’s dog is called Isis. This is awkward because it shares a name with the terrorist movement sweeping the Middle East. With the jihadists showing little sign of giving up, one of them had to go, so – spoiler alert – Julian Fellowes and his script-writers have given the dog the heave-ho.

Or so it would seem. About 20 minutes into tonight’s episode, Lord and Lady Grantham interrupt discussions on some building work to observe that Isis is looking “terribly listless”. The golden Labrador does, indeed, look a little peaky, splayed out on the ground like a spatchcock chicken. “I wonder if she’s picked up a germ,” observes Lady Mary, in doubtful 1920s speak. “Maybe she’s eaten a squirrel.” Other Moriarty-style observations include her looking “quite fat”, and “perhaps she’s pregnant?”.

Seasoned viewers of Downton – we are now in series five – will know that even the most trifling of conversations are loaded with meaning. So this dialogue – of a banality that is quite normal for The Archers, less so for Downton – must point to some terrible undoing of the dog later in the series. Which would conveniently tackle the PR problem that has plagued this series. When viewers first noticed the connection last month, they took to Twitter, pointing it out as #awkward.

The dog’s possible demise should not come as a complete surprise. The fact that Isis made her debut in the first Downton episode set in 1912 as an adult, and is still with the family in 1924, puts her at the upper end of Labrador life expectancy, canine experts say.

A spokesman for ITV insists it is pure coincidence, and that they got there first. “Isis has been the Crawleys’ family pet since series two (2011) and was named after the Egyptian goddess,” she says. “At the time the dog was named, and up to and including the majority of filming of series five, no one was using that acronym to describe a terror group. It is an unfortunate coincidence.”

Who knew?


Benedict Cumberbatch Discusses The Time He Accidentally Made A Boner Joke To A Teenage Girl

7 hours ago by Jill O’Rourke

Oh, Benedict Cumberbatch. What an awkward British butterfly. His recent appearance on The Graham Norton Show is like the gift that just keeps on giving. There were Beyonce impressions, there were pengwings, and now there’s a story about the time he accidentally told a teenage girl she gave him a boner. And not just any teenage girl — a gold-medal-winning Olympic swimmer. What a time to be alive!

Let me set the scene for you. Last year (actually this year, but he says last year so just go with it) Benedict was presenting at the Laureus Awards, which he describes as “like the Oscars, but for sports.” He almost lost me as soon as he said the word “sports,” but his voice is so captivating that I kept listening. And boy was it worth it! Benedict explains that he spoke to American swimmer Missy Franklin at the event, and reminds us that she’s still a teenager (19 now, but 18 then). That’s an important detail to remember when you hear his story. Benedict was marveling at how much she’s accomplished at such a young age, and he was trying to express how old it made him feel, and he chose to use the sentence “I’m just getting stiff even listening to you.”

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Eddie Redmayne Disturbed By Benedict Cumberbatch Comparisons

Peter Black , Design & Trend Staff Writer
Oct, 29, 2014, 01:33 PM

Eddie Redmayne, the freckled faced Brit who plays Stephen Hawking in "The Theory of Everything," is worried that he might have to compete with Benedict Cumberbatch, the otter faced Brit who plays Alan Turing in "The Imitation Game," when awards season arrives.

"I totally see why people are (comparing us), because of the subject matter; we both play geniuses. But I won't be engaged in that," Redmayne told Variety. "I think he's the most beautiful actor. I've long admired his work, and continue to do so. I hope there's room for both our films."

"There was this hilarious moment when we were shooting a scene at Harrow School," Redmayne continued. "There was a wooden board with names engraved on it, and by my head was 'B. Cumberbatch.' I'm like, 'Dude, you're haunting me!' I took a selfie of me dressed as Stephen and sent it to Ben."

Despite his starring role in "Theory of Everything," Redmayne insists he's "not a movie star."

"A movie star is someone who has to open a film to gazillions of dollars," the 32-year-old actor, who has had parts in "Les Miserables," and "The Good Shepard," said. "I'm just trying to pay my mortgage."