Monday, October 20, 2014

Christian Bale the frontrunner to play Steve Jobs in Aaron Sorkin's biopic

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Christian Bale

It's been in gestation for some time, but now it looks like the long-awaited Aaron Sorkin-scripted, Danny Boyle-directed biopic of Steve Jobs has found its man.

Batman, to be precise. (groan)

Christian Bale is close to signing a deal to play the founder of Apple, beating out competition including Bradley Cooper, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck.

According to reports, Bale is currently in negotiations for another film which have stalled, allowing Bale to consider the role.

Gone Girl's David Fincher was initially attached to direct the as-yet untitled Jobs biopic, but dropped out due to issues over creative control and his fee.

Meanwhile, Aaron Sorkin's HBO series The Newsroom enters its third and final season after the show was unceremoniously dropped from the station after a dismal first season and a slightly-improved second season.

Initial thoughts? Bale is a solid actor and he's known for total immersion in whatever role he takes on. He's never going to half-arse it so we can be sure that he'll be giving it socks.


Downton Abbey Spoilers: Thomas Barrow trying to cure homosexuality & Simon Callow to join cast?

October 20th, 2014 by Anna Howell.

For the past few weeks in Downton Abbey we have seen Thomas Barrow being very secretive about something… but what?

Fans of the hit ITV period drama will know that after a string of phone calls to a ‘life choice’ advert the Under Butler saw in a paper, he told the staff that his father was ill and that he had to go and care for his parent.

However Baxter (Raquel Cassidy) didn’t believe Thomas’ (Rob James Collier) excuse, and when he returned he was quick to challenge him over the truth of the matter.

During this confrontation the ladies maid saw a box of syringes and medical equipment that Thomas was using on himself and it became clear that the side effects of this new medication were leaving him increasingly unwell and in agonising pain.

Last night viewers would have seen this reach new levels, as the usually malicious and sharp-tongued servant looked a shadow of himself, dripping with sweat, pale as a sheet and ready to drop.

What is it he is doing to himself? The answer is he is trying to cure himself of his homosexuality.

Back in the 1920’s homosexuality was still illegal, and punishable by hard labour at the workhouses, something which wouldn’t suit Barrow at all.

From the very first episode of this new series we have seen that his sexuality has been at the forefront of Barrows’ mind and, as Rob James Collier told us himself, leads to a “horrific” journey of self-discovery for his character as the series plays out.


Sunday, October 19, 2014

It Looks Like Benedict Cumberbatch Might Be Getting Engaged Soon, If You’re Looking To Feel Depressed Today (OMG DON'T SHOOT THE MESSENGER)

8 hours ago by Cassandra Hough

If we were in the middle of a CW sitcom or a crappy rom-com right now, this news would bring about the typical eating-ice-cream-in-sweatpants-and-dabbing-our-puffy-eyes montage set to “Everybody Hurts.” Why, you ask? Oh nothing really, just that Benedict Cumberbatch might be getting engaged soon. As in engaged to be married. To his girlfriend. Who’s not one of us. This situation is so dire, I can’t even figure out which emoji to use to best demonstrate my feelings on the matter in a text to my sister about this later. Ugh.

According to The Daily Mail (so take that with a boulder-sized grain of salt, please) Benedict was “spotted” (read: stalked by employees of The Daily Mail) flying to Edinburgh to visit the mother of his girlfriend, Sophie Hunter. Which could mean he was either a.) enjoying a visit with a lonely older lady who lives in Scotland, because WHO WOULDN’T; or b.) ruining the lives of the Cumber Collective (“bitch” is just too harsh right now, when my wounds are gaping wide open) and possibly asking the elder Ms. Hunter for her daughter’s hand in Cumberbatchrimony. Woof. The Mail‘s report is kind of misleading, though, because at first you’re meant to think he went and visited her alone but then the article mentions something about Benedict and Sophie ogling a garden of royal flowers or some shit during “their” visit. So who knows.

sherlock animated GIF

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Henry Cavill: Superman to join Gibraltar’s Rock Run

PUBLISHED: OCTOBER 19, 2014 AT 8:30 AM  •

SUPERMAN’S super-speed might put him at a distinct advantage as he competes in the Rock Run this month.

British actor Henry Cavill, who starred as Superman in the 2013 film Man of Steel, will run alongside his Royal Marine brother for the military group’s 350th anniversary celebrations.

Cavill, who is currently working on two Superman spin-off films, is also ambassador for the Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund.

He has said he is ‘honoured’ to be a part of the weekend’s celebrations, with the run taking place on October 25.

“I will remember this day fondly and probably with a little bit of physical discomfort, which only seems fitting considering what this day represents,” he added.

Lieutenant Colonel Nik Cavill, the actor’s brother, will also take part in the 5km uphill climb, accompanied by 40 other competitors.

Event organiser Alan Hardy said he is ‘delighted’ that Cavill is joining in the celebrations and hopes the British actor enjoys ‘what Gibraltar has to offer’.


Saturday, October 18, 2014

'He is an amazing actor': Kevin Hart on working with Colin Firth on 'The Intouchables'

By: Stephanie Takyi
Published: Fri, October 17, 2014

The Pint-sized Philadelphia native, who measures up at just 5ft2, will co-star opposite Colin Firth in a film that tells the story relationship between a wealthy white aristocrat who becomes a quadriplegic after a paragliding accident, and the young "street-tough" black man he hires to take care of him.

Talking about working alongside Colin, Kevin said: "He is an amazing actor, I think that's a movie that did amazing numbers and so we're excited about doing the remake and switching it up.

"I've always been into drama, I just believe that everything happens when it's supposed to. You don't rush it because when you're patient the right thing comes along."

Despite beating the likes of Chris Rock, Jamie Fox and Idris Elba for the coveted role, Kevin denied his ego was inflated after warding off the stiff competition.

"We never know who else is up for it, you just know they've offered it to you. All those guys are so talented so It's not about beating anyone, it's the directors deciding who is right for the part," he told

He added: "I guess they thought I was right for it, so I'm happy and thankful that I have the opportunity to do it."