Friday, April 18, 2014

Tom Hardy Takes Selfies With Fans At 'Locke' Film Premiere In Birmingham

By Alicia Adejobi On April 17, 2014

Tom Hardy at the Birmingham premiere of Locke last night (Anthony Stanley/WENN)

Tom Hardy caused a frenzy when he hit the red carpet for the premiere of his new film Locke yesterday in Birmingham, and he was more than happy to lap up the attention even taking selfies with his doting fans.

The Dark Knight Rises actor was joined at the Birmingham premiere by the thriller's director Steve Knight and looked handsome as ever as he posed on the red carpet and greeted the hordes of waiting fans who managed to grab a number of photos with the actor.

Speaking at the premiere, Hardy, 36, reveals the film was shot in just two weeks and says he and the crew were just trying their luck.

“It was a bit of an experiment really - and it's paid off, because it works,” the actor said on the red carpet according to The Telegraph.

He continued: “It's almost like a radio-play on one hand, and then just running the camera as life goes by. It's in real time. We shot the whole film in one.

“We did the play twice a night for five nights, and it took 10 days to do the bits and bobs and cut it all together - it was quite an experimental piece.”


Brendan Gleeson: Film review: Calvary – essential viewing

By Stephen Martin on April 17, 2014

Director: John Michael McDonagh
Starring: Brendan Gleeson, Chris O’Dowd, Aidan Gillen, Dylan Moran, Kelly Reilly and Pat Shortt
★★★★ (out of five)

“I FIRST tasted semen when I was seven years old,” are the first words of dialogue in John Michael McDonagh’s Calvary, as uttered by a disembodied voice to a discombobulated priest in a darkened church confessional.

“Certainly a startling opening line,” the priest responds, voicing the thoughts of the audience. “Is that supposed to be irony?” the disgruntled confessor asks. “I’m sorry,” the priest says, “let’s start again.”

This introductory exchange sets up the narrative style of McDonagh’s movie, fusing serious commentary with bone-dry satire.

McDonagh –a second-generation Irishman raised in central London – draws characters that spend most of the time conventionally acting out the absorbing drama, yet periodically collapse the artifice with deflating self-references.

They offer oblique winks to camera, breaking the fourth wall and waving across to the viewer. It’s a Brechtian, Beckettian, Bunuelian cocktail of forlorn hope, mordant humour and a cold moral vacuum. Yet all-the-while, it urges us not to have sleepless nights.

It’s also excellent, a cleverly-devised story (if a little thin on plot) featuring fine performances from top Irish talent. The superb Brendan Gleeson leads the cast as the embattled Fr James, vicar to an isolated coastal community, who is informed by one of his flock that he will kill him, “a week on Sunday,” in an abused victim’s revenge upon a depraved Catholic Church.

The man who makes this threat is known to Father James, though he remains a mystery to the audience until the climax.

“I’ll give you enough time to put your house in order,” he generously promises. The rest of the movie invites viewers to guess the identity of the killer among the townsfolk they meet, as the good father tends to his “pastoral duties”.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Tom Hiddleston (and Charlie Hunnam) Sports Period Clothing For ‘Crimson Peak’ & It’s Beautiful

April 16, 2014

Tom Hiddleston & Mia Wasikowska Sport Period Clothing For 'Crimson Peak'

Tom Hiddleston! Tom Hiddleston! Tom Hiddleston!

Is your heart bursting with joy right now? I know mine is! After our sighting of Tom in Toronto last week, I figured we’d gotten our Hiddles-fill for a few months. But look! There’s more Tom! And this time he’s in period clothing just like I wanted!

Tom and his co-star Mia Wasikowska were spotted on the set of their new horror movie, Crimson Peak. Too bad Charlie Hunnam was around in his costume. Although I’m not sure I would have been able to handle that.


Rosamund Pike: I hadn't seen a Bond film

UPDATED 18 APRIL 2014 12:08 AM

Rosamund Pike has admitted that she had never seen a James Bond film before she was cast in Die Another Day.

The actress, 35, played Bond girl Miranda Frost at the age of 21 following her very first film audition.

But she told W magazine: "Before I was cast as a Bond girl, I had never actually seen a James Bond movie."

She said that for the Bond audition she turned up, after returning from backpacking in China, "wearing something very thick and woolly" and noticed the other actresses looked very "sleek".

When impressed producers asked Rosamund to return with a dress, she turned up with a costume featuring silk roses down the front, a large skirt, and even a train.

"My idea of a dress was an operatic concert gown," Rosamund told the mag. "I quite proudly took the dress out at the second audition, and they all tried very hard not to laugh. They politely told me that in James Bond films, the women tended to look sort of slinky."


Philip Glenister and Rupert Penry-Jones compete for detective drama

By Tim Walker7:30AM BST 17 Apr 2014

Rupert Penry-Jones and Philip Glenister searched for treasure together in Sky One’s adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island. Now, the pair are fighting over it as the battle for the starring role in the television adaptation of Paul Mendelson’s new crime thriller The First Rule of Survival gets serious.

“Philip is in deep negotiations through a production company to do it,” Mendelson tells Mandrake at the launch of the novel at Daunt Books in Marylebone. “There is another actor called Rupert Penry-Jones. He is in deep negotiation, too, through another production company that wants to do it.”

Set in Cape Town, the book follows Colonel Vaughn de Vries as he revisits a case involving the abduction of three white schoolboys. As for who will win the role, I hear that Glenister, who, incidentally, attended the launch, is the frontrunner. “Ultimately, I guess the publisher decides and I guess I’m part of that decision,” says Mendelson. “Phil is one of my oldest friends. I’ve known him for 30 years and he was in the back of my mind when I wrote it.”