Saturday, March 2, 2013

Colin Firth reveals Cameron Diaz’s very cheeky side By Rebecca Twomey (MARIE CLAIRE)

Colin told us: 'I had to wait on stand-by to make an entrance at the lift doors and the Savoy, understandably, had not taken it upon themselves to advise every single one of their guests that there was a film taking place with a man without his trousers in the lobby. Self-conscious? Yes!’

And that wasn’t his only pain as he continued with the story adding: ‘Cameron Diaz, being the kind and sweet and supportive colleague she was, assured me there was nothing to worry about with my legs, and they were magnificent specimens. Actually, she burst into a spontaneous belly laugh!’
With friends like Cameron who needs enemies…

To which the A-lister felt the need to defend herself so Cameron told us: ‘I think I pointed when I was laughing, at your knees particularly!’

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