Saturday, March 2, 2013


Karen Wasylowski

I posted an article here that claimed Michael Fassbender had been after some woman.  (He's a young, single, handsome man.  How dare he.)  There has been no other article remarking on this event so it was probably a false report and I apologize to the man.  I don't usually post articles about an actor's personal life, unless they are in a positive light.  These men and women are entitled to a personal life and what they do, or any mistakes they may make, are entirely their own business and all part of being human.

I had one commenter on this article and very rightly she took me to task.  I apologize to her as well.  She is clearly a fan of his and was offended.  I don't know what gets into us.  I am no better than the other scumbags at times, who make up stories when they can't find dirt.  Nothing new was being reported about Michael Fassbender, and believe me I was looking - he's so good and so popular that to feature him gets a mass of hits on the blog, and that's what I want.  So I saw this article and jumped on it, the same as all the rest.  I had second and third doubts but put it up anyway even though, frankly, it sounded absurd to me.

Constantly reading these articles I think I've gotten quite good at finding the truth nuggets in between what their publicists spew out when they are hawking movies (the publicists, not the actors).  From what I can glean about Michael Fassbender he seems committed to his craft and is truly in love with acting.  Many of the better actors are in love with acting, not with the media.  They put up with the media.  If he mentions that he likes a woman and someone overhears it, the item gets sold for lots of money and his privacy is breached once again.  But he loves acting so he is polite and maybe retreats a little further away from the limelight causing gossip writers to search even harder for dirt.  It is a vicious cycle but one I don't want to step into again.

So, I apologize to Michael, even though he'll never know it, and I apologize to his fan - Anonymous.  I'll try and do better.

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Anonymous said...

Is this before or after Jennifer Lawrence was "following him with her eyes" (per another paper). Why are you recycling the garbage?