Saturday, March 30, 2013

Tom Hollander: I was badly paid in Pirates of the Caribbean (TELEGRAPH)

Tom Hollander , the star of 'Rev', says he was paid 'badly' for his role as Lord Cutler Beckett in 'Pirates of the Caribbean'.

 Tim Walker7:30AM GMT 29 Mar 2013

Most British actors may hanker after parts in Hollywood blockbusters, but Tom Hollander, who is best known for playing the priest in Rev, says the experience left him feeling neither very satisfied, nor very rich.
Of his role as Lord Cutler Beckett, the “heavy” in Pirates of the Caribbean, he recalls that, while the production was “staggeringly expensive”, he was “badly” paid

Speaking at the Names Not Numbers Festival at Aldeburgh in Suffolk, the 45-year-old actor said that whenever he was allowed time off, he got as far away from the set as possible.

“It was a way of getting my own back. When they changed the schedule at the last minute, I would say, 'That’s fine, but I’m in Calcutta’, and they would say 'No problem’, and I would be airlifted out of the Third World in Lufthansa first class.”

He felt that there was a camaraderie among the character actors involved in the project and they all tended to compare notes in the smoking room of Miami airport.

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