Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Dan Stevens’ First Movie Role Post-’Downton Abbey’ By Brigid Brown | Posted on May 15th, 2013 (BBC America)

 (Crossday Productions)

Dan Stevens stars opposite Emily Browning in Summer in February. (Crossday)
Downton Abbey star Dan Stevens, who played Matthew Crawley on the series, is hoping to prove that there’s life after death.

To the dismay of fans, his heartthrob character on the hit British TV show–possible spoiler ahead if you’ve been living in Antarctica–was killed in an automobile crash in the Season 3 finale because Stevens wanted off the show at the end of his 3-year contract. (The episode aired on Christmas Day in the U.K. and on Feb. 10 in the U.S.)

Next month will mark the first test of Stevens’ post-Downtown career when Summer in February, a film in which he has a starring role, opens on June 14 in U.K. movie theaters. Will his Downton devotees turn out en masse or will they boycott him because he deserted their favorite show?

A romantic drama, Summer also features fellow Brit Dominic Cooper and Australian actress Emily Browning.


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