Monday, June 17, 2013

Brendan Gleeson now wary of speaking out on issues after 'Late Late' backlash (INDEPENDENT WOMAN)


ACTOR Brendan Gleeson has revealed he is reluctant to speak out on social issues in this country after he was lambasted for criticising Irish hospitals on the 'Late Late Show' in 2006.

"I threw a wobbly on the 'Late Late Show' and I felt completely justified in doing it," he said.

"But the next thing was this plethora of things for about five years where I was more or less asked, when are you going to fix the health system. And so I am very conflicted on speaking out about social issues. I try to withdraw from that," Gleeson told the World Actors Forum at the Gate Theatre.

The event was organised by Michael Colgan, artistic director of the theatre, and was described by Arts Minister Jimmy Deenihan as "the Davos of acting".

Jeremy Irons was less inhibited at the forum when he called for action on the incinerator issue at Poolbeg, saying "vast" amounts of people should take to the streets to protest against the plans.


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