Sunday, May 25, 2014

Colin Firth: Trailer for 'Kingsman: The Secret Service' debuts



Well here's something we thought we'd never see - noted Oscar-winning British thespian Colin Firth in a comic-book movie. Based on Mark Millar's controversial series that puts a working-class ASBO teenager into the world of high espionage, Kingsman: The Secret Service looks like it could be pretty interesting.

Directed by X-Men: First Class' Matthew Vaughn and starring Michael Caine, Mark Strong and Taron Egerton as well as a little glimpse of Samuel L. Jackson and a lisp, Kingsman: The Secret Service looks like it's blending James Bond with Wanted and a dash of TV's Misfits. Half of the charm will undoubtedly come from the very notion of Colin Firth being an action hero, not to mention the fact that he actually looks like he's enjoying himself.


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