Thursday, August 21, 2014

Sean Bean: (spoilers) LEGENDS: "CHEMISTRY" REVIEW

AUGUST 20, 2014 Warning: Full spoilers for the episode follow...

While still maintaining a fair amount of rough, rudimentary elements ("No more of that cowboy s***!" Larter's Agent McGuire scolds), "Chemistry" improved upon the pilot episode by not only keeping Sean Bean's Martin Odum mostly out of the undercover game, but also by focusing more intently on the larger conspiracy arc started last week with the murders of Bobby and the homeless man.

In fact, a whole new character - in Morris Chestnut's Agent Rice - was introduced to the series specifically to deal with the conspiracy side of the story. He's not even a part of Odum's usual team and exists, now, just to follow up on Odum's initial side investigation. Which, at this point, only serves to make Odum suspicious in Rice's eyes.

Also, by having the "case of the week" get drawn out over (who looks like) two episodes, it helps blend the show together into a much more serialized affair. And it also helped make Odum's undercover work seem more vital and important. Because hearing that he's the best undercover agent over and over gets tiring very quickly. And so "Chemistry" worked to show us just how important the decision is for Odum to go back into the field, calling upon one of his established identities, so quickly after the "Founding Father" events of the premiere. The show is making sure that the psychological dangers are evident and ever-pressing.

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