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Alan Davies: 'Lunatic' fitness instructor pushed my four-year-old daughter over at London leisure centre

15 December, 2014

Actor Alan Davies today branded a fitness instructor a “lunatic” for allegedly knocking over his four-year-old daughter over in a scuffle at a London leisure centre.

The Jonathan Creek star hit back after Eamonn O’Connor accused him of “losing it” after he tried to pass him on stairs at the gym in Swiss Cottage.

The 48-year-old QI panellist was was questioned under caution by police after he was accused of grabbing climbing instructor Mr O’Connor at Swiss Cottage Leisure Centre.

Mr O’Connor alleged the star ‘lost it’ and went for his throat as he tried to walk past the family on the stairs.

He told the Sun: “When he reached the bottom of the stairs he just turned and went for me.

“He just flipped. He grabbed me by the throat. He was growling and not making any sense. The only words I heard were ‘I’ve got my kids with me’.”

Mr Davies took to Twitter to hit back at the accusations, claiming Mr O’Connor knocked over his daughter Susie, reducing her to tears, and he was acting to protect her.

He said: “This idiot pushed my four-year-old over because he was ‘late’, when I pushed him back.

“He screamed ‘assault’. It was unbelievable. Several witnesses told the police that he was the aggressor and had to be restrained by staff.

“She wasn’t really ok and I can’t do anything about the idiot without asking a four-year-old to make a statement. She was very upset as was my three-year-old, [but] they’re fine now.”

When asked if he would have done anything different in retrospect, Mr Davies replied: “Knocked him to the middle of next week maybe.”

He described both his children as ‘very upset’ but said they were fine following the altercation on Friday, October 10.


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