Friday, February 7, 2014

DOWNTON ABBEY; Win a Day with the Cast (and a trip to England) to help the Philippines


The Cast of Downton Abbey Gives You Top 10 Reasons To Visit Them

In this video, the cast of Downton Abbey give you the top ten reasons to enter to win a day on their set in London. And they're all hilarious!

"The picture you take on set will be the first selfie ever recorded in 1920's England." OK, sounds like a plan!

"We will send a maid or valet to your hotel room to get you dressed before you come to set. Trust me, you get used to it." Oh no. No I won't. Thank you though. The offer is very sweet.

The contest is all for a good cause (helping rebuild the Philippines after last year's tsunami) and you can find more about that here. And enter! If you win, you get to go to England, OMG!!! Unless you're already there, then it'll be like NBD; whatevs. Then you can tell us all about who is the cool one, the funny one, the bitchy one, the extra bitchy one, the one who is even hotter in real life, the one who you stole personal items out of their dressing room from, etc. etc. etc.


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