Friday, April 5, 2013

Matthew Macfadyen: Media students get a taste of movie action (BARNET SOUTHGATE COLLEGE)

Kiosa Sukami, Junior Alawa and Madison Rosamond, all students on the College’s BTEC Creative Media programme, became runners for the day on the last shoot of the film ‘ Epic ’, starring Matthew Macfadyen.

The scenes were shot in and around the streets of Swiss Cottage.

All three students played key roles on the shoot, and were tasked with stopping traffic and pedestrians walking through shots and looking after the film extras waiting their turn.

Sam Taylor, the film’s producer and founder/owner of production company Film and Music Entertainment (F & ME), said of the students: “They did brilliantly well, considering all three were dropped in at the deep end on a ‘real’ shoot. As a company we always try to encourage new talent in the industry, and working with Barnet and Southgate College is very much part of that ”.


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