Monday, April 15, 2013

Toby Stephens: Maggie Smith’s Hot Son And Lesbian Pirates In Starz’s Treasure Island Prequel (FEMPOP) BY ALEX CRANZ

Not two weeks ago I was thinking about how dreamy Maggie Smith’s son, Toby Stephens, is and how I needed to see him in a new thing stat because I couldn’t just keep watching the perfect Tenant of Wildfell Hall like a creeper.

Trolling IMDB I saw he was in the little discussed Treasure Island prequel Black Sails.

I rolled my eyes because it was premiering on Starz and is a prequel to Treasure Island. Who on earth needs that? Why can’t you just call your show “Pirates Being Pirates.” This is a post-Pirates of the Caribbean world. People will rally to your swashbucklers.

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