Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Adele's 'Someone Like You' Tops List As Best Tune To Cure Fear Of Flying! The star can add medical cures to her belt (E.)

If you have a fear of flying then Adele’s hit Someone Like You has been revealed to be a possible cure. The research commissioned by Spotify could prove that Adele is the answer to a fear that affects millions of people.

Adele has record breaking best selling albums, numerous Grammy's and even an Oscar, but no one would have thought that her best selling hit 'Someone Like You' could be a cure for a fear of flying.

Spotify's Angela Watts wasn't surprised by the findings, as she claimed: "We all have a strong personal and emotional connection to music so its power when it comes to anxiety control is no surprise."

Psychologists believe the tune's tempo of 67 beats per minute (bpm) and harmonious tones help to ease anxiety. The study found that breathing in time to music with a low bpm at a controlled and reduced pace is proven to lower heart rate and blood pressure.

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