Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Colin Firth Voted Sexiest Onscreen Heartthrob Ahead of Ryan Gosling (FEMALE FIRST)

Colin Firth

If you’re a Ryan Gosling fan (and believe us, we are!) you may be slightly disappointed that he has lost out to the handsome Colin Firth when it comes to the sexiest heartthrob in a book to screen adaptation.
Odeon took a look into who our major crushes are on the big screen and found that Colin Firth firmly won us over when he played the stubborn yet alluring Mark Darcy in Bridget Jones’s Diary.
When talking about book to screen adaptations it’s hard to dismiss The Notebook and the public didn’t as they voted Ryan Gosling the second sexiest due to his portrayal of Noah.
One of the biggest books turned film has to be The Twilight Saga, so it’s no wonder that fans of the books and films voted Robert Pattinson in at number three.

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