Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Eric Clapton, George Harrison: Even today, Pattie Boyd can’t choose between Eric Clapton, the Beatles’ George Harrison by Something Else! Reviews

As Pattie Boyd talks about old photos of George Harrison and Eric Clapton, she remains — perhaps appropriately, given that she was the inspiration for Clapton’s love-lorn “Layla” — unable to decide which had been more inspirational.

“I think probably George was very inspirational,” Boyd says in the attached video. “He was very easy to photograph, and always looked fabulous. But on the other hand, Eric Clapton was very good as well. He was quite patient with me, taking photographs continually. He was probably annoyed occasionally.”

Boyd was married to both musicians, first to Harrison and then to his best friend Clapton, who used his torment over the love triangle to spark a turn-of-the-1970s classic in Layla and Assorted Other Love Songs.


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