Friday, June 28, 2013

BRENDAN COYLE: Sharp: Kissing Coyle no big deal (BELFAST TELEGRAPH)

Lesley Sharp has said it was no big deal kissing heartthrob and co-star Brendan Coyle.

She said the pair became friends after meeting on the set of Starlings.

"We hit it off from day one. We've got a great friendship and enjoy hanging out with each other and chatting when the cameras aren't rolling.

"So that's terrific because it means all that we have as Lesley and Brendan goes into Jan and Terry.

"One of the lovely things about coming back to Starlings was thinking, 'Oh it's great, I'm going to see Brendan again, we're going to get the chance to talk rubbish and laugh about silly things'."

Starlings starts on Sky1 on Tuesday July 2.


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