Thursday, June 27, 2013

Matt Smith moving from Doctor Who to join David Tennant on Broadchurch? Chris Chibnall hopes so! June 27th, 2013 by Lisa McGarry. (UNREALITY TV)

matt smith david tenant

Matt Smith could be following in the footsteps of his Doctor Who predecessor David Tennant and taking on a role in Broadchurch, it has been revealed.

Writer Chris Chibnall has admitted that he is desperate to sign the Time Lord for the ITV crime drama, since it has been confirmed that he is leaving the hit BBC sci fi show later this year.

Chris has previously worked on Doctor Who, as well as its spin-off Torchwood and is the man behind Matt Smith’s quirky Tommy Cooper hat, and he told The Mirror that he’s keen to hook up with the British actor once more.

He said:

“I’d love to work with Matt again, he’s absolutely brilliant. I’d ­absolutely work with him at the drop of a fez.

“Matt is a brilliant actor and he can effortlessly become an even bigger star than he is already.”


Anonymous said...

It's already been squashed by Chibnall as a false rumor, thankfully...Why are you resurrecting tabloid trash so many hours later?

Karen Wasylowski said...

What's your problem? I just saw this and thought I'd put it up. I'm not TMZ! If you don't like it don't look!