Friday, May 2, 2014

‘Downton Abbey’ Season 5 SPOILERS: Laura Carmichael Teases ‘Really Meaty Story’ For Lady Edith, Tom Branson And...


Lady Edith
(Photo : Downton Abbey) Laura Carmichael as Lady Edith on "Downton Abbey"

“Downton Abbey” may still be filming Season 5, but that hasn’t stopped a few subtler spoilers from leaking.

After cast members including Michelle Dockery, Allen Leech, Rob James-Collier, Hugh Bonneville, Maggie Smith and Penelope Wilton were spotted filming scenes in a graveyard last week (don’t worry, signs point to no funeral!), Allen Leech and Daisy Lewis were spotted filming a sweet scenes between Tom Branson and his new love interest, governess Sarah Bunting.

The Daily Mail writes that the scene features Tom helping Sarah into a car and bidding her a sweet goodbye. She takes several suitcases with her, suggesting she might be leaving Downton for a while – but Branson doesn’t look unhappy. In fact, both actors were beaming at each other, though Bunting looked apprehensive at other points.However, despite debating moving to America last season, we know that Tom is definitely still at Downton – a relief for fans.

“Downton” stars Laura Carmichael, who plays Lady Edith, and Ed Speeler, who plays the footman Jimmy, have also teased spoilers in recent interviews.

Speeler also said that he hopes Jimmy finds love and revealed that filming is going “great.”

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