Monday, June 24, 2013

Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch: James McAvoy says other actors want to cut my legs off James thinks many will envy Benedict's success (NOW)

Benedict Cumberbatch should watch out for jealous fellow actors, according to James McAvoy.

Sherlock star Benedict has seen his career take off in recent years and has become a sex symbol along the way, something that James, 34, thinks many will envy him for.

Benedict, 36, says: ‘I read a piece in The New York Times where James McAvoy was quoted as saying, "Oh, Benedict doesn't need to fear the media or his fans or his new profile.

‘"He just needs to fear actors who will be looking at him with envy and want to cut his legs off".'

Despite the comments Benedict's not spotted any of his supportive actor pals trying to injure him just yet.

‘Most of my friends who are actors are just really, really thrilled with what I've got,' the Star Trek Into Darkness star tells The Sun.

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