Sunday, May 19, 2013

Downton Abbey's Rob James-Collier returns to screens in Love Life (THE NATIONAL) Greg Kennedy

Nothing tears the heart out – or makes for spellbinding television drama – like a tug of war over a baby.

BBC Entertainment has an emotional gut-puncher on its hands with Love Life, a new series about four people, one unplanned baby and a tender Gordian Knot of a relationship tangle.

The story begins with a footloose dreamer named Joe (Rob James-Collier), just back from a year-long jaunt to climb Everest, where he fled to escape the pressure to get married and have babies with his girlfriend Lucy (Andrea Lowe). He bumps into his ex only to discover she’s now married and seriously pregnant. It’s a devastating blow; he immediately sees the error of his ways. But here’s the twist – Lucy is not married; she’s lying. Worse, the real father has no clue she’s in a family way.

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