Friday, July 19, 2013

Another new pic from Downton Abbey, Season 4!

‘Downton Abbey’ season 4: Some fun with Allen Leech (and a dog), BY MATT CARTER


ISIS, arriving at the set

While Allen Leech was not one of the “Downton Abbey” stars nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award on Thursday, the actor has still had a little bit of fun this week courtesy of sharing what has to be one of the more-entertaining photos that we have seen from the show’s season 4 set.

“Isis is such a diva! INSISTS on wearing a hat in EVERY scene! And as for adding her own lines… DON’T get me started”

There is something first of all about this image that we personally find to be perfect for a meme, and strangely, Isis’ expression almost feels rather British like she could be a direct descendant of Robert himself. We’re mostly just thrilled to see that there even a great relationship on set between the actors and the animals, and that cannot always be an easy thing multiple scenes in, where there may just be a certain philosophy and desire at that point to just try to get the work done rather than having to stress about getting a dog to do what they are asked.


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