Wednesday, July 31, 2013

How Brendan Gleeson proved the critics wrong


A well-known actor will always cling to at least one of these three ludicrous claims during an interview: they never think of winning an Oscar; their implausibly youthful appearance is down to good diet and positive thoughts.

And then comes my personal favourite: they never, ever Google themselves.

Brendan in 'The Guard' which earned him a Golden Globe nomination.

In an industry built upon egocentrism, this one can't help but raise a guffaw or two.

So when Brendan Gleeson coolly maintains an abstinence from perusing the internet for mentions of his own name, I naturally struggle to believe him. But listing off the brilliantly preposterous stories circulating online about the Dubliner, judging by his reaction, he's speaking the truth.

"C'mon," he eggs, "hit me with them."

According to some very dubious online reports, he was once in consideration for James Bond.

"For God's sake," he splutters, much of his response muffled by bellowing laughter.

Between June 2012 and June 2013, he earned in excess of €35m.

"Right," with a deadpan response, "that's another laugh there. Go on, give me more. I'm enjoying these."

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