Friday, September 6, 2013



Party: The Fifth Estate’s opening night fete, hosted by producer Michael Sugar and Grey Goose Vodka.

Location: Soho House Toronto

Date/time: Thursday, Sept. 5, 11 p.m-2 a.m.

The vibe: A subdued, slightly anxious one at first, with industry types and media (who showed up at 11 p.m. sharp for free Grey Goose cocktails and haute eats) mingling while pretending not to be excited about the real-life celebrities who were going to show up. Any minute now. And they did, just after midnight. Once the two disparate groups sniffed each other out inside the dark and moody private members’ club (outfitted in quilted leather couches, plushy velvet chairs, and vintage carpets), the mood morphed into something slightly more casual: the sort where plebs pretend like drinking and dancing in the company of bonafide stars is a typical Thursday night out.

Carice van Houten and Benedict Cumberbatch

Who was there from the film: A tuxed-up Benedict Cumberbatch, who traded in his long, golden Julian Assange locks for shorter chestnut brown tresses; Alicia Vikander outfitted in an Erdem green floral gown (with pockets!) that may be the dress to top at TIFF; Carice Van Houten; Daniel Brühl; and Dan Stevens.

Surprise show-ups: Steve McQueen, Michael Fassbender, Paul Giamatti—Cumberbatch’s director and costars from 12 Years a Slave. Plus: Colin Hanks and Smallville’s Tom Welling, who both star in Parkland, produced by Hanks’ pop. The wild card? Juno Temple and her glorious big mop of yellow hair, who was spotted catching up with fellow Brit—and former costar from 2007′s Atonement—Cumberbatch.

Strangest entrance: A young, clean-shaven man wearing a blue hoodie with white trim, mulled about on the sidewalk just outside Soho House. Then a man asked for his autograph. Then the people smoking on the patio said, “Hey wait, that’s Colin Hanks.”

Refreshments: Grey Goose signature cocktails, of course, with the Le Fizz—a combination of their original vodka, elderflower cordial, fresh lime juice and club soda—filling most revellers’ hands.

Number of men wearing a seersucker jacket: Two.

Daft Punk dance-off: In one corner, Cumberbatch was spotted timidly bringing his fists up to his chest and then gently rocking them back and forth for approximately 2.7 seconds when a bad remix of “Get Lucky” played. In another corner, when the DJ moved on to “Lose Yourself to Dance,” Michael Fassbender did just that. Dressed in a black crew-neck sweater (probably cashmere) and sipping on a cup of tea, the actor let loose with two friends and danced like nobody was watching (even though everybody was but pretended not to be).

Best bromances: Men were coupling off everywhere! George Stroumboulopoulos saddled up to his show’s executive producer, and the party’s host, Michael Sugar; Cumberbatch chatted with his 12 Years a Slave director Steve McQueen; and Colin Hanks, who lost the hoodie, got cozy with Michael Fassbender, while Tom Welling pretended not to be jealous when they hugged. In fact, the only celeb with a date in tow may have been Brühl, who cozied up to his model girlfriend Felicitas Rombold.

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