Sunday, September 15, 2013

Hiddlestoners, Potterheads and the Cumbercollective: Film's most dedicated fandoms

Does Tom Hiddleston have the best fans?

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By Cat Collins | Yahoo UK Movies Features – 6 hours ago

While we admire their dedication, sometimes hardcore fans can be a little overwhelming.

For example, over 93,000 Batman fans who feel Ben Affleck is the wrong man to play Bruce Wayne have signed a petition to remove him from the role.

And Tom Hiddleston has said he's "flattered and amazed" by a group of Hiddlestoners who have decided he deserves his own solo superhero movie.

Saddened that Hiddleston won't appear in Joss Whedon's Avengers follow-up, and clearly concerned that we might never see Loki again, the fans have collected over 22,000 signatures petitioning Marvel for the God of Mischief to star in his own story on the big screen, steadily working toward their goal of 30,000.

But are Hiddlestoners the most dedicated fan base of them all? Let's see...


Object of affection:
Tom Hiddleston

What's it all about?
Dedicated and determined, Tom Hiddleston obsessives are pretty hardcore in their love for the actor. After piquing their interest in Marvel's 2011 superhero epic, Thor, Hiddleston further seduced his legion of fans when he reprised the role of Loki in Joss Whedon's wildly successful team-up, Avengers Assemble.

But more than the standard group of swooning teenagers, Loki's Army have used their force for more than simply penning fanfic and stalking Hiddles on Twitter. One gang, Hiddlestoners Have Hearts, have even raised thousands of pounds for UNICEF in his name.

Don't say:
"Phwoar! That Thor's a bit of alright, isn't he?"

Do say:
"Oh my God, he's so adorable!"

Cumberbatch disapproves of Cumberbitches...

it's a revolution, I suppose·

The Cumbercollective

Object of affection:
Benedict Cumberbatch

What's it all about?
Formerly known as Cumberbitches or Cumberbabes, before Benedict himself poured disapproving scorn on the offensive noun, the lusty Cumbercollective have but one simple goal in mind: To meet Benedict Cumberbatch and make him fall in love with them.

It's a dream many can understand, albeit one the man himself seems to be a bit embarrassed by, but for most of them a dream it will remain. Luckily for them, he ain't going nowhere.

Don't say:
"You know what? I think Ricardo Montalban was a better Khan."

Do say:
"The Purple Shirt of Sex. That is all."


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