Friday, October 25, 2013

Matthew Macfadyen fine with Ripper gore

Matthew Macfadyen admitted he sometimes gets the giggles during filming

25 October, 2013

Matthew Macfadyen has admitted he worries he won't get through some of his Ripper Street scenes because he is laughing too much.

The actor plays Detective Inspector Edmund Reid in the Victorian police drama and revealed that while the upcoming second series includes grisly scenes such as a man falling from a window and impaling himself, he is more likely to chuckle than turn green.

He said: "The guy who was impaled on the railings in episode one didn't make me feel too squeamish because it's very cleverly done. We were actually trying not to laugh. It's the dark, high-stakes scenes that, for me, are the funniest."

The 39-year-old said a scene in the first series also saw him struggling to control his giggles.

He explained: "There was this Contagion-esque episode in the first series where we had a really long scene and spent the whole day on it. At one point I had to say to Adam [Rothenberg, who plays Captain Homer Jackson], 'What's in the stomach? What have you found?'"

The reply that it was semen set the two actors off, and after a few bodged takes Matthew had to leave the room.

"It's painful. You think, 'Is this going to be one of these scenes I can't get through?' It really becomes a worry," he laughed.


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