Sunday, December 22, 2013

Sherlock mini episode: new details and times released

22 December, 2013
Susanna Lazarus

The new 7-minute short titled Many Happy Returns will be made available on BBC iPlayer from Christmas Eve and played at intervals on the red button service

Sherlock mini episode: new details and times released

Prior to being shown at various intervals between Christmas Day and 2 January, the Sherlock short will be released on BBC iPlayer from around 2:00pm on Christmas Eve before transferring to the red button service, with the Beeb also unveiling the list of times it will be available to watch thereafter:

Wednesday 25 December, 8:25pm-5:30am
Thursday 26 December, 8:00pm-5:30am
Friday 27 December, 8:00pm-5:30am
Saturday 28 December, 8:00pm-5:30am
Sunday 29 December, 8:00pm-1:05am
Monday 30 December, 8:00pm-5:30am
Tuesday 31 December, 8:00pm-5:30am
Wednesday 1 January, 10:20pm-5:30am
Thursday 2 January, 8:00pm-5:30am


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