Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Benedict Cumberbatch has NOT joined Twitter, so stop with all your fainting and your swooning

Posted by Emmeline Saunders
on 15 January 2014 15:09

Exciting news hit the Twittersphere today, when - wait, wait, wait. Stop. Hold on. Twittersphere? Has anyone ever actually uttered that word out loud? Twittersphere? Do you know how ridiculous that is as a concept? Stop using it. Just. No.

Aaaaanyway, exciting news hit the Twitter community today when it seemed social media-shunner and all-round swoonster Benedict Cumberbatch had finally signed up and become One Of Them.

Hundreds of users immediately hit that big white button when @BenedictTCC76 popped up and sent his (or her) first tweet.

A few seconds later: "He's not following any of his friends on here. I suspect it's really not him."

The Sherlock star's good friend James Rhodes then piped up to crush any remaining hope that Ben might have joined Twitter, adding: "BC categorically not on twitter. That account as fake as a Maulberry bag from the market x."

SO THERE YOU HAVE IT. #InvestigativeJournalism #Yourewelcome #BYE.

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