Wednesday, March 26, 2014

'Downton Abbey' Season 5 Spoilers, Cast Update: Richard Grant Joining Cast, Has Lady Mary Chosen a Suitor?

By Louis Kahn, BREATHEcast News Reporter
Mar 26, 2014 11:21 AM EDT

Many are antsy over the new season of "Downton Abbey" which is being filmed right now in the U.K. The new season will feature Richard E. Grant as an Art Historian named Simon Bricker. It also will feature Rade Serbedzija, who will play a Russian refugee that is staying with the Crowleys because of the Russian Revolution. The biggest surprise may be Lady Mary finding love with one of her suitors. Will the Crowley heir find her match in the new season?

Richard E. Grant tweeted recently that he was enthusiastic about being chosen for a role in "Downton Abbey:" "First day on 'Downton Abbey' duty. I was downstairs in Gosford Park. Have been promoted upstairs. Progress? Will wait and see." The 'upstairs' section is the domain of Lords and Ladies, as opposed to the downstairs which is usually populated by servants.

The Russian revolution will send a refugee named Kuragin to England to be a character in the coming season. Sources say this character fled Russia after the violent revolution at the end of WWI.


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