Friday, April 11, 2014

Hobbit star Richard Armitage to appear in The Crucible at the Old Vic?

By Ben Hewis • 11 Apr 2014 • London

Hobbit star Richard Armitage is being lined up to play John Proctor in The Crucible, which opens at the Old Vic Theatre on June 24.

The Crucible is set in the town of Salem, Massachusetts, where in 1692, 19 adults and two dogs were hanged for witchcraft, and one man was pressed to death for refusing to plead. Inspired by the events of the McCarthy era, by the actions of the witch-hunting House Un-American Activities Committee of the 1950s, in front of which playwright Arthur Miller was invited to give evidence, in effect to betray his friends.


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A Scattering said...

I'm hoping that it might end up as part of the National Theatre Live schedule which is broadcast through cinemas. Fingers crossed.