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Richard Armitage: WonderCon: Warner Bros. Previews Its Summer Slate

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April 20, 2014

The second day of WonderCon 2014 launched Saturday morning in Anaheim, California with Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures taking the Arena stage to showcase their summer slate, previewing Doug Liman's Edge of Tomorrow, Steven Quale's Into the Storm and Gareth Edwards' Godzilla.

Next up, Into the Storm welcomed to the stage stars Richard Armitage, Max Deacon, Jeremy Sumpter and Arlen Escarpeta alongside Quale himself.

As with Edge of Tomorrow, Into the Storm launched its panel with an extended look at the recent trailer. As was the case with the CinemaCon footage, the extended trailer offers quite a few impressive scenes of destruction, delivered most notably by a fire tornado, based on an actual phenomenon wherein the air within a twister can actually ignite.

The entire cast lamented the practicality of much of the production, explaining that a lot of their acting had to be done in front of a 100 mph wind machine with people on the other side spraying freezing cold water at them whilst they were pelted with dirt, branches and other tornado debris.

"We sobered up pretty quickly every morning," Armitage laughed.

Quale describes the style of Into the Storm as being a "handheld camera approach," but eschews the term "found footage," suggesting that the look of the final film is largely stylistic rather than anything tied too closely to the narrative. Still, some of the actors that played cameramen have actual shots they recorded in character during production featured in the final film.

Armitage stopped filming on The Hobbit just three days before beginning production on Into the Storm. He says that he bases the heroism of his character -- who is tasked with finding his son in the middle of the worst tornado disaster in history -- on the heroes he saw saving survivors from buildings destroyed during the Christchurch earthquake.

Into the Storm already has the approval of one strong voice in Hollywood. Quale said that he showed a near-complete cut to James Cameron who, though he loved it, offered a crucial change to the film's ending. He wouldn't say what the suggestion was, exactly, but noted that it was a "little prop." Appropriately enough, Quale -- who has worked quite a bit with Cameron -- was the one who suggested that Rose throw away her diamond alone at the end of Titanic.

"All things lead back to Bill Paxton," he laughed.

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