Tuesday, April 8, 2014

'Tonight Show': Colin Firth reveals 'Pride & Prejudice' lake scene never happened, but mystery solved: It's 'Lost in Austen'

By Andrea Reiher
Apr 08th, 2014

During Monday's (April 7) appearance on "The Tonight Show," guest Colin Firth reveals to Jimmy Fallon that the iconic "Pride & Prejudice" scene where he supposedly emerges from a lake in a clingy shirt, dripping wet, never actually happened, despite the fact that it got voted as the most memorable drama moment in British TV history last summer -- which led to a giant statue of the moment being created in Hyde Park.

In the above video, Firth says, "It never happened. I never got out of a lake in a white shirt. ... They've turned me into Ursula Andress from the end of the Bond movie ... a stunt guy jumped into a kind of algae-ridden pond and then it cut to me ... then it got singled out as a memorable moment ... and now 20 years later it's the only thing that happened and they've added the emergence from the lake, which actually never took place."

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