Monday, June 30, 2014

‘Into the Storm’: Richard Armitage on Tornados & Acting to Disaster

Published 20 minutes ago by Tiffany Rose

Into the Storm Interview Richard Armitage Into the Storm: Richard Armitage on Tornados & Acting to Disaster

The found footage genre continues to do big business in Hollywood, where films like the Blair Witch Project firmly established the format as a go-to for the horror genre, the subsequent years have seen the idea applied to sci-fi and superhero movies, among others. Cloverfield set a high bar for found footage spectacle, while Chronicle managed to blend epic eye-witness video with quality human drama, and now director Steven Quale is set to apply the idea to a storm-chasing disaster film.

Set in a rural community, Silverton, Into the Storm follows a group of townspeople and extreme weather chasers as they encounter one of the most dangerous storms in U.S. history. When group of powerful tornados pummel the town, Gary Morris (Richard Armitage), father and vice-principal of the local high school must race through deteriorating conditions to find his lost son.


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