Friday, June 20, 2014

‘Sons of Anarchy’ season 7 notes: Charlie Hunnam and production chatter

June 20, 2014

As for some other, more-bizarre news, the internet took this week to repeatedly killing off Charlie Hunnam, despite the fact that he has been seen on set and there is zero evidence that this is true. We suppose that having an internet death hoax is some sort of morbid badge of honor, given that you do not traditionally get such a thing unless you are a big enough deal for someone to care.

Our favorite response to the hoax comes from show creator Kurt Sutter on Twitter, who turned the “headline” (if you can call it that) into a nice callback to the “Sons of Anarchy” story:

“charlie is alive and well. i got wind of the hoax when i saw coates and boone in the costume trailer looking for the president’s patch.”


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