Thursday, September 18, 2014

'That's not nice!' Benedict Cumberbatch defends Keira Knightley in joint interview

By: Kirsty McCormack
Published: Wed, September 17, 2014

 Benedict Cumberbatch defended Keira Knightley when an interviewer told her she looked worn out

The 38-year-old was clearly annoyed when David Poland took it upon himself to tell Keira she appeared "a little worn out" and couldn't help but retaliate.

As the Hollywood stars had their make-up touched up, Benedict told David: "That's not a nice thing to say to one of the most beautiful women on the planet," before Keira added: "Yeah, f*** you!"

David then proceeded to tell the 'Atonement' star that she had "a little Morticia Adams thing going on there", implying that she looked pale.

Keira, who was wearing a pretty white lace dress which was adorned with black polka dots, admitted that she looked tired because she hadn't eaten.

"I'm just basically really hungry. It's like hunger range that's about to come out in this nasty demon," she explained, before putting on a child's voice as if she was crying.

"I know that no one thinks i do eat but I do need food every now and then," she added, as Benedict laughed beside her.

The pair were promoting their new film 'The Imitation Game', which is a historical thriller film about British mathematician, logician, cryptanalyst and computer scientist Alan Turing.

The film centres on Alan and his team of code-breakers at Britain's top secret Government Code and Cypher School at Bletchley Park, in breaking the German's infamous Enigma codes during the Second World War.

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