Monday, December 8, 2014

5 things we learned from 'Downton Abbey' cast's royal visit

December 8, 2014

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Here are five key things we learned:

George Clooney is not appearing in the Christmas special/season finale
OK, we kind of suspected, but it was confirmed by Bonneville that Clooney merely made a tiny promotional appearance in support of a charity. "He's in a sketch for a fundraiser," said the actor. Joked Nicol, "We didn't all get to meet him, and we're not bitter."

The truth behind that anachronistic water bottle
Remember that "Downton Abbey" publicity photo that included an unexpected cameo by a water bottle? Not intentional, but it worked out nicely: "That photo was cropped originally, and then suddenly it was uncropped," said Bonneville. "[It made us able] to get behind the charity Water Aid in the UK."

Isis the dog's fate is not tied to any current headlines
Rumor had it that Grantham's dog Isis (the one Thomas once locked in a shed overnight!) was going to be killed off because the terror group ISIS had started using the name of the legendary Egyptian goddess. "Any story line involving the dog has nothing to do with horrible international events," said Bonneville.


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