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Emails about Michael Fassbender leaked in Sony hack just a day after another described Angelina Jolie as a 'brat'

PUBLISHED: 01:20 EST, 11 December 2014 | UPDATED: 03:10 EST, 12 December 2014

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Oscar-winning screenwriter Aaron Sorkin claimed that he had no idea who Michael Fassbender was according to the latest tranche of embarrassing emails leaked as part of the Sony cyber-hacking scandal.

The emails reveal, however, that others at Sony were aware of the actor - or at least the size of his manhood - with producer Michael De Luca allegedly claiming in one email that the star, 'makes you feel bad to have normal sized male genitalia.'

The actor gained notoriety after playing Brandon Sullivan in 2011’s sexual exploration movie Shame and appearing in a full-frontal nude scene that revealed an impressive appendage.

The latest leaks concern Sony’s failed attempts to make a movie about the life of Apple co-funder Steve Jobs, which Sorkin was adapting from Walter Isaacson’s biography.

The emails reveal Sorkin’s attempt to lobby for Tom Cruise to take the lead role and reveal his initial disdain when informed that Fassbender, Oscar-nominated for 12 Years A Slave, was favored for the role.

‘I don't know who Michael Fassbender is and the rest of the world isn't going to care,’ was his sniffy reply to Columbia Pictures Chairman Amy Pascal and movie producer Scott Rudin.

It was Rudin who called Angelina Jolie a 'minimally talented spoiled brat' in another email, while the latest leak of documents by the group calling themselves ‘the Guardians of Peace,’ are from Pascal’s email box.

Her exchanges with Rudin and Sorkin reveal that an extensive list of Hollywood big hitters had been considered for the Jobs role.

However Sorkin eventually came round to the idea of Fassbender and wrote, 'F*** it. He's a great actor whose time has come.'

'That’s where I ended up,' Pascal replied.

'Yeah, if the movie’s good, he’ll be on the cover of everything and get nominated for everything,' Sorkin conceded.

Sony producer Michael De Luca chimed in with one email adding that the star, 'makes you feel bad to have normal sized male genitalia'.

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