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Tom Hiddleston, Aidan Turner, Tom Hardy: Is Bond a Three Horse Race?

by Helen Earnshaw | 9 April 2016

Last year, a whole host of names such as Idris Elba and Damian Lewis - both fine actors - were banded around as a possibility for the next 007. However, it is looking increasingly like a three horse race for one of cinema's biggest and most iconic roles.

Should Craig call time on his tenure as Bond, will it be Tom Hardy who takes over? As Tom Hiddleston got what it takes to move the franchise on? Or will Aidan Turner land this coveted role?

- Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy is an actor who has been linked to this role for quite some time and remains the bookies favourites to take over from Daniel Craig when he finally leaves this role behind.

For me, Hardy has always been the obvious choice to take on the role of 007. There is no denying that the handsome actor looks the part, but there is an air of menace about him that I think would fit this role beautifully.

I have just always thought that Hardy and Bond would be the perfect fit and that he is an obvious choice.

Hardy already has a huge fan base and would no doubt bring new viewers to the Bond franchise. The actor is also no stranger to tackling big movies so the Bond franchise would be very safe in his hands.

- Tom Hiddleston

Up until fairly recently Tom Hiddleston was perhaps not everyone's first choice to take on the role of 007. One episode into his TV stint on The Night Manager and fans were calling for his name to be thrown into the hat.

There is no denying that Hiddleston is a beautiful thing and would more than look the part in a tux. But The Night Manager showed that the British star also had the action chops that are required to take on this role.

While I still think this role should go to Hardy, I would not be disappointed if it was revealed that Hiddleston was to take over from Craig. Hiddleston is a wonderful actor and I think that he would bring a sensitivity and an intelligence to this character that would be very exciting to explore.

The last few weeks has seen support for Hiddleston as Bond grow and grow and he is now the second favourite - behind Hardy - to land the role. He really has come from nowhere to be a major player in this race to become 007.

- Aidan Turner

Of all the names that are potentially in the frame to take over the role of James Bond, Aidan Turner is perhaps the least favourite of the lot - the role of Bond would certainly send his star rocketing; just like it did for Craig.

He is no stranger to success with The Hobbit film franchise and TV series Poldark under his belt. Bond would be the perfect platform for him and Bond producers have had a knack of casting those who are not hugely famous in the role.

Interestingly, Turner is the only one who has been linked to a meeting with producers to discuss the role. A source told The Sun last month that the actor had held preliminary talks with Bond producers.

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