Monday, April 11, 2016

Keeley Hawes: Fans continue to be charmed by The Durrells

Irish Examiner
Sunday, April 10, 2016 - 09:31 pm\

Keeley Hawes’ new drama The Durrells continued to get the thumbs up online as the second instalment aired.

The series about a single mum who ups sticks and moves her four children from England to Corfu, which is based on Gerald Durrell’s memoirs, has been a ratings winner and a hit with fans, who have been sharing their warm, fuzzy feelings online.

Mum Louisa (Keeley) has proved to be the biggest hit with viewers, with many being quite vocal about her unruly and ungrateful brood.

Poor woman. What bloody awful kids. #TheDurrells

— Barbary Spencington (@Telibarb) April 10, 2016
#thedurrells kids are still all vile.

— Katie Chutzpah (@KatieChutzpah) April 10, 2016
#thedurrells excellent again tonight. But blimey, @Misskeeleyhawes got her work cut out for her with that lot!

— Steven Green (@Shadow_Chaser) April 10, 2016
Wanted to like #TheDurrells but those obnoxious, rude, selfish and arrogant children completely spoil it.

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