Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Who knew that Dame Judi Dench had such a gloriously R-rated hobby? (MSN)

File photo of Judi Dench (© Ki Price/Corbis)

Judi Dench is already officially a dame, a member of the Royal Society of Arts and has sagging shelves full of acting awards and honors, but apparently she's just as brilliant offscreen. The 78-year-old has a passion for needlepoint and spends her time between takes making delicate embroideries for her costars. But these aren't exactly traditional patterns. "They are all 'You are a C*nt,'" Dench's "Pride and Prejudice" co-star Matthew MacFadyen said. "She is doing this beautifully, intricate ornate work. You see [it] materializing as the shoot goes on, like 'You are a F*cking Sh*t.'" Sometimes there's just so much beauty in the world.

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