Monday, February 20, 2012

Downton Abbey Season 3 Spoilers: It's a ''Time of Immense Social Change'' (Wet Paint)

1 minute ago by Kelly Woo

 Downton Abbey just aired the finale of its second season in the United States (our friends in Britain watched it months ago), but inquiring minds already want to know what lies ahead for the lords, ladies, maids and butlers in Season 3.

(Spoilers ahead!) 

Season 2 focused on World War I and the chaos it brought to English society, and creator Julian Fellows tells the New York Times that Season 3 will continue to explore the "immense social change" that followed in the 1920s.

"By starting it in 1912, it meant that we could have that post-Edwardian serenity, followed by the first World War, followed by the '20s," he says. Issues that had been "pulsing" underneath the surface will finally break free.

"You had the first votes being given — not to all women, but at least to some women — in 1919, and you have union activity, you have the Russian Revolution, you have all sorts of troubles going on across Europe," he notes. "And that gave us right there, three series where each would have a very different mood. Which was rather an attractive idea, really

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