Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Luke Evans: A True Villain Makes ‘Fast 6′ the Most James Bond-y FF by Zack Kraimer

What makes a true action movie thrilling isn't always the good guy. Sure, the protagonist is always necessary to a film, but the villain is equally essential, often even taking a franchise to new heights. That seems to be the case for Fast & Furious 6 and its new lead antagonist Owen Shaw, portrayed by Luke Evans.

Evans wants to make it very clear that his rogue ex-military Shaw isn't going to be what people expect of a British villain.

"...Everybody’s like, oh, is he gonna have a plummy accent and a white furry cat and a swivel chair? No, he’s none of that. He can do everything that you want from a villain in this day and age. He can stand up to these guys, and he does stuff that they can’t do. He has weapons and machinery that they've never seen."

Just how formidable a threat is Shaw? Aside from his dashing good looks and suave demeanor, he's handy and crafty with lots of fight training. He and his team are dangerous, Evans says, but they lack the camaraderie of Dom and Brian's crew.

“He’s very successful. Very very clever. As you can imagine SAS, they have a huge amount of fight training. They know a lot of different forms of fighting. He can change his accent. He can change his look. And he has a team of people around him who sort of respect him, but they don’t have the same sort of dynamic or respect for each other as the team that you all know from the franchise, which makes them very separate and very different."

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