Thursday, March 28, 2013

Colin Firth & Emily Blunt Go American in the 'Arthur Newman' Trailer by Ethan Anderton March 27, 2013 Source: EW (FIRST SHOWINGS)

Sometimes people fake their own deaths to escape danger. In the case of Arthur Newman, he's just escaping his disappointment of a life. Colin Firth plays a has-been golfer who fakes his death, abandons his family, and takes on the new titular identity. On the path to his new life, he encounters a young woman (Emily Blunt) who's running from problems of her own. The two fall in love as they take solace in pretending to be married, or engaged or whatever feels right, seemingly living the dream. But they can't pretend forever. It's strange to hear Firth as an American, but he works well with Blunt in this first trailer.

Here's the first trailer for Dante Ariola's Arthur Newman, originally from EW:

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