Monday, March 4, 2013

Jude Law didn't plan film career added: 4 Mar 2013 // by: Newsdesk

Jude Law didn't plan to have a career in film.

The British actor never expected to make it in Hollywood when he was growing up in South London.

Jude named Daniel Day-Lewis' My Beautiful Laundrette as being the film that changed his ambitions and influenced him to pursue work in the movie industry.

"I never planned a career in film. I don't know anyone who grew up in the 70s in Lewisham who did. It just wasn't realistic. Theatre was. I grew up watching and loving film but it was this other world – movie stars were like Newman and Mitchum and McQueen. And then this amazing crop of actors - Tim Roth, Gary Oldman and Daniel Day-Lewis - came along," Jude revealed to British newspaper the Guardian. "Tim and Gary were round the corner from where I lived. That was very, very, very influential for me. I remember seeing Daniel Day-Lewis in My Beautiful Launderette and thinking: 'Oh, film can be part of my world as well.'"

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