Thursday, March 14, 2013

Richard Armitage: Peter Jackson doesn't understand the word 'no' (FAN SHARE)


Richard Armitage has become a global star thanks to the Hobbit. While he may not yet be a household name, many are predicting Armitage to follow in the path of Viggo Mortenson, especially because their characters are so similar.

Armitage recently discussed his role in the Hobbit, and explained that working with Peter Jackson was a dream come true. He also added that Peter's directing style was different to everyone he's worked with in the past, and that Jackson didn't seem to understand when someone said 'no'. He says, "The thing about Peter Jackson is that he just doesn't understand the word 'no'. Even when you're on your knees vomiting into a bucket about to pass out, he'll be like, 'Do you have another take in you?' And it's not in an egotistical or demanding way, it's just he throws down the gauntlet and people pick it up."

He adds, "I knew before I started there would never be another film like this for me.... It ticks every box I could ever want as an actor. And then working with Peter Jackson, who takes you to a new place in terms of work. It's probably the most important piece of work I'll ever do."

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