Saturday, April 13, 2013

Benedict Cumberbatch recreates the 'fatal' leap from Sherlock's series two finale for new episodes By HANNA FLINT (DAILY MAIL)

With the production of season three of Sherlock well underway, fans breathed a sigh of relief that their favourite sleuth was back from the dead.

But it seems the incident of his 'fatal leap' in series 2 will be revisited as Benedict Cumberbatch was seen back at St Bartholomew's Hospital ready to jump from the lofty heights again for the cameras.

Gearing up to take the plunge, The Reichenbach Fall was remembered once more.

There was much orchestration before Benedict leapt off the blue structure, as he was seen talking to crew members from above on a walkie talkie.

But then it was time for action, and the actor looked stoic as he mentally prepared himself for the stunt.

Dressed in the same blue tartan scarf and black overcoat of Sherlock from the series 2 finale, Benedict fell forward, twisting in mid-flight to face the heaven's above.

Then up came his stunt double, dressed identically to the British actor, but he steeled himself for a headfirst fall.

As they continued filming in front of the London hospital, a crowd looked on in awe.

But then the action got more risky, with the stunt double launching himself into midair from a higher position.

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