Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Cary Grant: Eight Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Cary Grant by JANE BOURSAW on APRIL 9, 2013 · 2:00 PM ·(REEL LIFE WITH JANE)

1. From 1932 to 1942, he shared a house with Randolph Scott, whom he met on “Hot Saturday” in 1932. Scott often jokingly referred to Grant as his spouse. The 1940 census report shows Scott as head of household and Grant as his partner.

2. He loved the board game “Trivial Pursuit,” and played it shortly before his death in 1986.

3. He never said the words “Judy, Judy, Judy.” The famous quote is actually attributed to Larry Storch, a professional impersonator who greeted Julie Garland as she walked in during one of his comedy sets.

4. Cary was actually British, and became a U.S. citizen on June 26, 1942, changing his name from Archie Leach to Cary Grant.

5. He was offered the role of James Bond in “Dr. No,” but turned it down because at 58, felt he was too old. Ian Fleming is said to have modeled Bond partially after Grant.

6. He starred in 72 films throughout his career and never played the role of the villain.

7. Alfred Hitchcock is rumored to have said of Grant, “He’s the only actor I ever loved in my whole life.”


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