Monday, April 22, 2013

COLIN FIRTH: Move over Bond: Colin Firth bags role as the next big screen spy (LONDON EVENING STANDARD)

Oscar-winning actor Colin Firth has just bought the option to a new spy series, with the intention of becoming the latest fictional member of MI6.

Firth, who has started the Raindog film production company with former Sony UK chairman Ged Doherty, acquired the rights to the best-selling A Foreign Country. It’s the first instalment of a trilogy written by Charlie Cumming — Raindog has taken rights on all three — about a disgraced spook, Tom Kell, brought back to track down the woman appointed head of MI6 but who has vanished in mysterious circumstances. The second book is called A Colder War, due out next year, a molehunt story set in Greece and Turkey, and Cumming is already being hailed as the new John le Carré.

Firth played Bill Haydon in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy but this would see him in the lead role. Cumming is thrilled to have him as Kell. “He would be perfect for the part because he is an actor who can convey both great passion and great dignity, as well as superior intelligence, all characteristics in Tom Kell,” he tells the Londoner. But will he oust Bond?


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