Thursday, May 2, 2013

Benedict Cumberbatch reveals why Sherlock is "too busy for sex" or a girlfriend (SOFEMININE.CO.UK)

The nation's favourite detective has been revived by one of the nation's favourite actors. Benedict Cumberbatch's role as Sherlock in the BBC drama has won him legions of fans, many of them female. Benedict talks about why his character would have no time for a girlfriend, while he himself deals with his new sex symbol status.

Benedict Cumberbatch has played Sherlock in the BBC drama for three years - so he knows his character pretty well by now.

The Brit star has been revealing a few more intimate details about the Arthur Conan Doyle character, who he describes as almost asexual so he can commit himself to working out the mysteries.

She told The Sun: "“He’s repressed his sexual drive and a lot of other things in his life, simply because he doesn’t want to waste his time. The man’s too busy to have sex - that’s really what it is.

“Not every man has a sex drive that needs to be attended to.

“Like a lot of things in his life where he’s purposely dehumanised himself, it’s to do with not wanting the stuff that is time-wasting, that’s messy. That goes for certain relationships as well as sexual intimacy.

“To the Victorian eye he’s an eccentric, but I think he has purposely repressed those things.”

The Harrow alumnus is currently working on the third series with Martin Freeman as his trusty sidekick Dr Watson.

The show fast became one of British Tv's biggest hits - and Benedict he admits he enjoys the positive recognition he receives from his lead role.

He said: “When people stop you in the street and want to congratulate you on your work and express their joy at having seen you in the show you feel great.

“His appeal is universal. He’s the ultimate outsider hero. He’s a very difficult, odd entity. He’s got a God complex - he suspects he’s not human and therefore everyone else is just a let-down to him."

The man behind the magnifying glass also revealed that this latest series will show a more sensitive side to his character.

He said: “It’s about him coming to terms with the fact that he can do a better job if he has a little bit of morality, feeling and emotion and to be able to play with those things without necessarily being taken over by them."

This may allude to the rumours that there's going to be a wedding in this series - specifically that of his companion Dr Watson.


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