Thursday, May 16, 2013

Gerard Butler: Rumors say Madalina Ghenea and Gerard Butler broke up, actress is depressed in Hollywood by Julia (IN RUMOR)

“Sources close to Ghenea” told a Romanian tabloid that the actress and the Hollywood hunk are not longer a couple.

A source close to the star recounted the events for the tabloid: “Madalina Ghenea is depressed!”

The weird part is that the tabloid cited “close sources,” but does not give any names.

It’s not the first time when speculation arises that the pair have split.

Wild rumors about their relationship have surfaced lately. It has been speculated that Butler it has been flirting with Jennifer Aniston and Katy Perry.

The Italian press speculated that Madalina and Gerard had broken up after a photo showing Madalina dancing in a club with her ex-boyfriend, footballer Marco Borriello, appeared in the media.


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Anonymous said...

Madalina Ghenea has never been a real actress or even a real model so let's not give her a title she doesn't deserve. She lied to get the role in Dom Hemingway. Her lies could have cost the producers millions and she's lucky they didn't fire her but I think she shouldn't be surprised from now on if some studios might balk at hiring her. If she is depressed well she has only herself to blame. When you really love a man like Gerard Butler, you do not use him as your personal bank account for shopping trips, you do not insult his family and you keep your mouth shut about your relationship. She did neither and he got tired of being made like an old fool lusting for a woman young enough to be his own daughter.